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Aleister (also known as Timothy Ashmont) is the biological son of Ruth Winterbourne who she gave to Clara to kill as witches can only have female offspring, for a male would bring about the end of them and the world. Clara attempted to kill him by drowning him as an infant but couldn't so she left him on the porch of a church who took him in and gave him up for adoption. He developed his powers and was thought to be a devil by his religious family, resulting his vicious physical abuse at his adoptive father's hands. After killing his father with his powers, specifically by making him bleed out from seemingly every part of his body, and living on his own, he was confronted by Clara, who taught him dark magic, the fact that witches wanted him dead, and his destiny to bring about their end. He adopted the use of a certain dark symbol, one of which he branded on his followers or prisoners. He then attempted to get his revenge by using Savannah Levine and Elena Michaels blood for a process called the Undoing, which would kill all of the witches and bring about the apocalypse, as well curing all werewolves of their curse, which originated from the witches. He is ultimately killed by Elena Michaels who drowns him to death in the season two finale [episode ten] "Fine Temporum".

Powers and Abilities[]

Aleister had greater telekinetic power than other witches and sorcerers, showing how he made the ground his opponents were standing on burst as if a hand grenade exploded on it, which heavily disoriented or knocked unconscious anyone around him, even werewolves. He could brand people with his dark magic symbol and direct his power on them seamlessly, without the need to concentrate at all. He used these brands to bring his victims into their subconscious mind, trapping them inside and altering it to whatever he wanted, which he used to created nightmares of the victims most negative experiences or control their actions. Werewolves are seemingly immune to his consciousness or mind control, unless they were possessed by him.


  • Aleister is an original character that was created for the series and never appeared in any of the novels.
  • Aleister's adopted name was Timothy Ashmont.  
  • Alester is the brother of Paige in the series.