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Alpha's are the heads of their Packs. Werewolves use the same hierarchical system as wolves, where an Alpha heads the pack, they make all decisions for the pack. It is seen to be used internationally, when, in Frostbitten it is shown that Jeremy Danvers, is in contact with the Alpha of the Russian Pack.

Ascension to Alphahood:[]

For the North American Pack it is shown that the normal manner of ascension is for the contenders to compete in a fight (often but not necessarily to the death) with the winner becoming Alpha. Despite this tradition it is not law and was shown that Jeremy became Alpha by vote, when he ran against his father for Alphahood. Elena Michaels became Alpha somewhat anticlimactically with a chess match rigged in her favour as she was the only contender and had the full support of the Pack. The British Pack is known to have previously fought to become Alpha but their most recent Alpha, Hollis John Parker, achieved his ascension by vote with only one other contender, although his cousin who supported the opposition claimed the voting was rigged.


When an Alpha is considering stepping down they may put forward a candidate they support, if no one else challenges that candidate before their ascension then they assume the position of Alpha-elect. An Alpha-elect may speak for the Alpha and represent them, they carry more authority in the Pack and during a mission they will be expected to give orders. Some Alphas may groom their successor without telling them as Jeremy Danvers did with Elena Michaels or they without making it official like Dominic Sorrentino did with Jeremy Danvers for political reasons.

Known Alpha-Elects[]

  • Elena Michaels who ascended to Alpha
  • Keith Tynes who ascended to Alpha

Known Alpha's:[]

Current Alpha:

Past Alpha's: