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Amber is a character in Bitten - TV Series, played by Eve Harlow.

She is the lover of Zachary Cain and knows he's a werewolf because Cain told her but refuses her request to bite her, for fear she won't survive it. She is part of the Mutts' conspiring against the Pack, when she is part of an ambush where she cuts Jeremy and Leblanc stabs him with a poisoned knife. After Cain is captured, Daniel Santos tells her and Thomas Leblanc of Clay and is heartbroken when he tells her Clay most likely killed Cain.

She manages to convince Leblanc to bite her, only to fall victim to a horrible fate when she is stuck between the Change from human to wolf, and dies, as Leblanc cruelly watches her suffer.

However, it is revealed in season two, episode nine "Scavenger's daughter that she survived but is brain dead with her body being locked in a twisted disaster of a body since she only made it halfway through the change. She is then put on life support by Cain who, after meeting with Logan Jonsen, then takes her off it afterwards. He then says goodbye to her and begins to cry as he grieves.