Armen Haig Edit

 Armen Haig was first introduced in Stolen.

 Armen and Elena Michaels had been planing to escape, and after a few days, Tyrone Winsloe  woke Elena in the middle of the night and told her he needed her to do something for him. He told her that Armen had tried to escape and he wanted her to track Armen for him. Elena had to argee because if she didn't then Winsloe would have done something she wouldn't have liked to her, maybe even make her participate in one of his 'hunts'.

 Elena  tracked Armen, and then found out that Armen didn't try to escape without her; but he was dragged out of his cell and was being forced to go into the woods, being forced to go with a man that works for Winsloe. Elena then knows that Armen was not running away, but that he was being forced to make it look like he was.

 Winsloe then tells Elena to change into a wolf, and kill Armen. Elena refused and Winsloe ends up killing Armen and one of the men that works for Winsloe.


 Armen had the ability to do minor alterations to his features, but nothing that would make him look like a completly different person.