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Benicio Cortez is the CEO of the Cortez Cabal, considered the most powerful of all the Cabals. In other words he is not a man you want to mess with. He is the husband of Delores Cortez, father of Hector, William , Carlos, and Lucas Cortez, father-in-law of Paige Winterbourne, grandfather of Ramon and Emilio and step-grandfather of Savannah Levine.


Benicio Cortez is one of the most popular Cabal CEOs for his ability to play the good guy. The kind of guy who will remember everyone's birthday and raise morale but will subtly manipulate people into doing his bidding whether it is in their best interests or not, and his children are no exception to his manipulative ways.


"I Knew your Mother" Benicio said as he crossed the room. No 'She was a good woman' or 'I'm sorry for your loss' tacked on. A statement as emotionless as his stare. - Paige, His first appearance in Industrial Magic

"I know where my Son is." - To Paige in Industrial Magic

"You never did actually say no to that idea" - Wedding Bell Hell, Tales of the Otherworld (to the idea of a horse-drawn carriage at Paige and Lucas' wedding)


Five seven with deep brown eyes and dark hair.

Wide shouldered, stocky and of Spanish descent, if you "smooth[ed] some of the deeply etched lines on his face [then] Benicio Cortez would be a carbon copy of his son" (Hector).

20 years older than his eldest son who's in his early forties Benicio would have to be in his sixties during the book timeline.