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Is short story about how Logan Jonsen, unaware that he is a werewolf, recieves a letter from his father (whome he had never met) on his birthday. The letter contains only the words "medical information" and an address to Stonehaven. Logan, who had been going through unexplained changes recently (enchanced skills in sports, overdeveloped hearing and smell, etc.) hopes that whoever is at Stonehaven will have an explanation.

After arriving, Logan recieves a less than cheery welcome from Clayton Danvers, who smells that Logan is a new werewolf and believes he arrived to take down the Alpha, Jeremy Danvers. Clayton knocks Logan unconcious, and because he is so young, brings him inside and ties him up so Jeremy can decide what to do with him. Jeremy realizes that not only was Clayton mistaken for believing Logan was a threat to the pack, but that Logan has no idea what they are talking about when they say they discuss their "changes": Logan hasn't even had his first change yet.

Jeremy decides to take Logan into the pack after convincing him that he is a werewolf, noting that whoever his father is probably sent him here hoping he would have a better life in the pack as apposed to being a "mutt". It is in the novella Tales of the Otherworld.

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