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Silver Infinite 23 Silver Infinite 23 4 May 2020

More Books To Adapt For TV

Dime Store Magic/Industrial Magic: We already have the set up with Paige & Savannah and Lucas was alluded to when Paige updated Nick on her life in Portland when she came to visit Stonehaven in S3.

Haunted: I know Savannah's mom in this adaption was basically non existent by being killed off pre S2 or maybe even pre series, but even though she's dead in the books. Her spirit is still around with Eve in fact being a avenging angel 6 months out of a year who hunts down evil sprits and it would show Hereafter (The book series name for the afterlife) with deceased characters who were introduced in Bitten making appearances to showcase the Supernatural afterlife.

No Humans Involved: This novel introduced Jeremy's Necromancer Love Interest Jamie V…

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Amybeeface Amybeeface 8 August 2018

More problems with the show


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Abidoo Abidoo 24 March 2014

Problems With The Show.

Please do not think bad of me for creating this blog, but I think it needs to be posted. If anyone has found any problems with the plot or characters with the show or has found a conflict between the book and the series, this is where to post it. And if you find any problems, please edit. It helps. Again I say please do not think bad of me. 

Antonio Sorrentino

  • His book character says that he has wavy dark hair. The actor (no offense to him) is bald.
  • He died to early. He is suppose to see Elena's pregnancy!!!

Clayton Danvers

  • HAS NO SOUTHERN ACCENT!!!! And all of you people who see this knows that his whole level of hottness changes as a result.
  • He has green eyes instead of blue.

So far that's all I got, please comment if you found more!

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DaniGirl DaniGirl 6 October 2010


So once things are more organized around here, and after wikia has their whole new look thing over and done with, I'm going to try to expand on a lot of the articles, particularly those focusing on books and short stories. Gives me the excuse to yet again read over Kelley's wonderful stuff, lol.

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DaniGirl DaniGirl 21 September 2010

Waaah, LIFE!

Life has been chaotic, and so I didn't have time for projects I started, such as the Otherworld and Anita Blake wikias I began. However, I miss it! And I miss being up to date on my favourite stories. So here I am, determined to catch up on all I missed, update some things, and see if I can pimp out the designs of the Otherworld wikia. I would love some suggestions, if you have them. :)

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Pack Alpha of Europe Pack Alpha of Europe 1 July 2010

Intro and rules!

I'll probably end up making a seperate page for this, but I wanted to set out an Intro and a few rules!

Thanks for editing the Otherworld! As the new admin of this site I wanted to lay out a few rules.

  • For official pages please don't use fan art
  • Please use fact rather than theory
  • When creating an article please make sure you spell the name of the article correctly, and using the full name of the place, person or thing (unless the full name has never been given)

That's pretty much it! I may add more later but for now this is it. Comment if you have any questions!

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