He is the son of Kristof Nast and younger brother of Sean Nast and half older brother of Savannah Levine. He was a music major at Berkeley, but following his father's death he switched to Harvard, majoring in law.

He loves to cook, Sean "Bryce cooks. He’s really good at it. He used to say he was going to be a chef one day. Dad took us over to France when Bryce was twelve, so he could go to a cooking school there for our vacation." Though apparently their Granddad didn't agree and said that Kristoff was fill his sons head with nonsence .

When Bryce was five, he was angry with me because I was late for a school play. The next time he was in my office, he shredded all the files on my desk. Sean tried to take the blame. I wouldn’t let him because I knew it wouldn’t help. Bryce was angry because he thought I cared more about work than about him. He got in trouble for the files, but I made sure I was never late for him again, however angry Dad got about my ‘misplaced priorities.’?" kristoff. Thirteen

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