Carl Pritchard was a Werewolf mutt who appears and dies in the novella Savage, he was killed by Jeremy Danvers in May of 1971. He is described as looking ten years older than Jeremy who was twenty six at the time and being short and stocky with a light brown brush cut and a 'strange accent'. He was not particularly bright and followed most mutt's fighting style of relying on their animal mind without using human intelligence to switch up their fighting style.

Savage Edit

He arrives at Stonehaven, trespassing so that Malcolm Danvers will fight him, when he discovers that Malcolm isn't there he decides to fight Jeremy instead who he's heard never sticks around long enough for a punch to be thrown. He insists Jeremy fight him and is easily confused by Jeremy's correction of his language and word play, he doesn't understand why fighting for reputation just means more people come to challenge you and put your life at risk is stupid and states it's the way it's always worked.

Jeremy continues refusing to fight him, Pritchard calls him a coward to try and goad him into a fight and Jeremy gives him an hour to get off his territory. Pritchard doesn't leave and Jeremy meets him in a patch of woods near his motel, Pritchard wants to Change to fight but Jeremy points out they're not better fighters as wolves and are only a few hundred feet from humans. Pritchard is easily outclassed by Jeremy who dodges most of his attacks, no matter how many times he dodges Pritchard just keeps charging in the same manner. Jeremy attempts to let him leave once he's had enough but when he turns his back pritchard attacks and Jeremy wrestles him to the ground and breaks his neck.

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