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Resurrected species are supernatural races that were previously excinted, but were brought back.

Project Phoenix[]

Project Phoenix, originally created and ran by the St. Clouds, is a known science experiment that managed to reactivate the supernatural genes in children before they are born. They used this to 'breed' children from parents, both of which had to have the extinct species' genes. The children were then raised in Salmon Creek, a small town that monitored the subjects' progress and assisted in keeping them healthy. However, the children grew up without knowing what they were and turned against the Cabal.

The Project is currently under the control of the Nasts Cabal.


The Project attempted to resurrect 6 supernatural types. Two turned out as complete failures, leaving only four successful types:

There are currently 10 known resurrected supernaturals, 9 of which are alive, 8 in Canada (specifically Badger Lake, Ontario). 

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