For the male children of hereditary Werewolves, being born a Werewolf is a birthright; a genetic gift (or curse) passed from father to son. For everyone else, a bite is required, and that bite is usually deadly although as stated by multiple Pack members this is a combination of Werewolves biting to kill and those turned being left alone with no one to help them cope with their transformation, leading to death from the pain, madness from the transformations, suicide or the transformation itself. Because of this very few humans survive the ordeal of the transformation both physically and mentally. There are only two known living female Werewolves with only one being an adult, Elena Michaels who was bitten and her daughter, Katherine Danvers, whom along with her twin brother Logan Danvers is the only known child of two bitten Werewolves.

Werewolves are divided into two distinct groups: Pack werewolves and non-Pack, commonly referred to as "Mutts" by the North American Pack. It's thought that while mutts are not organized in any way - and are usually loners outside of their own family units - most actively avoid drawing the Pack's attention. At least until recently this was because 'Pack' policy was to kill 'Mutts' on sight, as well as leading 'mutt hunts' as a form of entertainment and passage into adulthood, this changed in the North American Pack when Jeremy Danvers became Alpha

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