The Coven library is a library maintained by the North American Coven with Margaret Levine serving as the Coven librarian. The books are kept in a fortified closet in Margaret Levine's house. With advance notice, witches may visit the collection. Some books may not leave the house. Others may be borrowed. To borrow one, you have to fill out a card and return the book within a week. Coven witches aren't even permitted to step into the closet and peruse the collection. Margaret keeps a list posted inside the door, from which they must choose their books. According to Paige, the library has forty-three books.


The Coven library has rows of titles like a regular library. A half-shelf near chest level holds the six grimoires.

Known booksEdit

  • Eve's two grimoires
  • Ceremony book
  • Reference book on herbs
  • Six grimoires
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