Dr. Boros was a Necromancer and researcher in zombification. He appears in the short story Life Sentence. He was last on the list of zombification experts provided to Daniel Boyd by his cousin Wendell, he was also the only one to approach Boyd with his research himself. He was developing a serum that would rid zombies of their unfavourable aspects such as decomposition and being controllable by the Necromancer who raised them.

When he approached Boyd he showed him one subject in which he managed to stop decomposition but the zombie was unable to move or control his body, including his bladder. Another he claimed to have freed from necromantic control but the decomp was accelerated.

Boyd hired him and had his company get him healthy and clean homeless people for his experiments. Close to the point where Daniel Boyd's cancer was going to kill him he perfected his serum and used it on Boyd with his order after killing him by lethal injection. Daniel Boyd was reborn as a zombie free from decomposition and 'unable to die'

Dr. Boros had lied to Boyd about being able to remove the control a necromancer has over zombies they raise. He had wanted to have Boyd as a zombie under his control who would not rot due to Boyd's money and power, he bribed Boyd's assistant Shana Bergin to keep this secret and work with him but was betrayed by her, she killed him with a shot to the head.

Dr. Boros worked with an assistant who was both a fellow scientist and a Necromancer.

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