Edward Danvers was a Werewolf and a member of the North American Werewolf Pack. He was the father of Malcolm Danvers and grandfather of Jeremy Danvers whom he raised and included in his will. He appears for the first and only time in the short story Infusion. Jeremy inherited his intelligence, controlled emotion and calm way of dealing with things from Edward. He had two brothers who were dead before the short story Infusion, as well as his father. He is described as being a few inches taller than Malcolm. He is stated to have died before Jeremy could go to college, meaning he might have died when Jeremy was eighteen in 1965.


Edward Danvers was present when his son met the woman who would birth his only grandchild, disapproving of Malcolm's racist language towards the woman. He knew Malcolm well enough to realise he'd had a child and didn't believe him when he claimed the boy was dead, thinking Malcolm didn't claim him because of a prejudice against having a child with Japanese heritage. When he found Malcolm about to murder Jeremy he stopped him and attempted to comfort Jeremy's mother in her last moments.


Edward is mentioned but does not appear in the novella Savage. He died at some time before Clayton Danvers came to live with Jeremy in 1969. It is revealed that after Jeremy was born he changed his will, prior to Jeremy's birth his estate would have gone to the Sorrentinos, most likely so Malcolm didn't kill him for it. After Jeremy was born the will was changed so everything was left to him and that if Jeremy died or was permanently injured before the age of thirty five and had no children then the estate would go to charity. As well as this a letter would be sent to the current Alpha listing details of murders committed by Malcolm against Pack law, ensuring Jeremy also wouldn't be killed by Malcolm.


  • He was expected to fight for Alpha but permanently injured a leg to the point where he walked with a cane, he is known to have purposefully done this as he was a mediocre fighter and the injury took him out of the running for succession.
  • He had difficulty with siring a child according to Malcolm, presumably a fertility issue, he passed this onto his son.
  • He had a daughter a few years younger than Malcolm who he helped support financially.
  • He was a thinker, not a fighter and never got on with his son who was his opposite.
  • Jeremy's mother states she would have prefered to have Edward father her child.
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