Ford Cain was a Werewolf mutt and a member of the populous Cain clan. He is mentioned in the novella Driven as being the youngest son of Cain patriarch Theo Cain and thus the father of Carter Cain (who was mentioned in Belonging to be the son of Theo's youngest) , as well as having had a run in with the Pack ( as a young man in the short story Stalked) which left him 'with a missing ear and a whole lotta scars.' He didn't believe the stories about Clay and suggested the photos of Clay dismembering a living mutt with a chainsaw were photo shopped, despite being 30 year old Polaroids.

Elena describes him as a dick and that he would make his dumb relatives look like Mensa material. He was killed in wolf form during the events of Driven, skinned, castrated and left staked to the ground, in retaliation for raping, murdering and eating an 18 daughter of a Necromancer.

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