Gary Schmidt is a Necromancer first mentioned in Spell Bound, after sending an email to Savannah Levine. She realizes it was he who placed Leah O'Donnell into Jesse Aanes body in Waking the Witch.

Spell Bound Edit

Gary sends Savannah an email to apologize for what he had done, and then proceeds to explain why he had done it for Leah. Informing her she had played poltergist and had first killed their cat, and then had sent his wife over a second story banister, sending her to the hospital (where she remains). After threatening to pull his wife's life support, he caved and did as she wished.

When Savannah Levine and Adam Vasic go to see Gary, they find themselves too late as he is already dead. However they manage to communicate with him via his comatose wife.

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