He was a lawyer in East Falls, Massachusetts. He was Paige's lawyer in the custody case for Savannah, in Dime Store Magic, until she fires him. He is killed by Leah O'Donnell in Dime Store Magic. Leah used her telekinesis to pull his chair out of a 2nd story building while he was seated in it. She used such force that his body was severely mangled. His arm was actually severed from his body by the force of the impact as it hit a curb. Paige Winterbourne was suspected but never charged with his murder. Dispite the severe trauma to his body, Grantham Cary Jr. was reanimated by a necromancer during his visitation as a stunt to incriminate Paige for witchcraft. He was last seen trying to move towards his wife and father, confused as to why they looked so horrified.

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