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Gregory Sorrentino was a Werewolf and member of the North American Werewolf Pack. His father Dominic Sorrentino was the Alpha and he also had two brothers, Benedict Sorrentino and Antonio Sorrentino. Gregory was injured in a fight against a mutt in 1964, this injury resulted in brain damage and his eldest son fighting the mutt for revenge and dying in 1965. Gregory also had one other son, Jorge Sorrentino. He lived on the Sorrentino estate with the rest of his family.



Gregory doesn't appear in the short story Infusion but is mentioned indirectly, Dominic is stated in 1946 to have two sons plus the newly named Antonio, meaning that Gregory was born prior to 1946.


In the novella Savage he is in attendance at the quarterly Pack meet where Clayton Danvers is introduced to the Pack and becomes an official member. He sat at his fathers right hand with his son Jorge nearby to care for him. He agreed with Clay joining the Pack.


Gregory is mentioned more than he is seen in the novella Ascension. Jeremy Danvers went to care for Gregory in the spring of 1972 after he sprained his ankle. Gregory died in his sleep in 1976, outside of his family only Jeremy seemed to grieve his passing


  • Gregory's brain damage is described as affecting random parts of his short term and long term memory, meaning he could debate politics but without Jorge to help him he'd forget where the bathroom is. Clay also describes him as having a slightly unfocused look in his eyes and being more prone to illness.
  • He is mentioned to not take part in Pack hunts.
  • Malcolm Danvers and the Santos boys believed Gregory should be 'put down' and referred to him as a retard and an idiot behind Dominic's back.
  • When Malcolm begins to suspect Jeremy is aiming for Alpha he lists caring for Gregory as one of the things he does to make his case, he also suggests that euthanizing Gregory would be a better idea. Despite these opinions it is never suggested in canon that Malcolm or one of his sycophants may have been responsible for Gregory's death so it is assumed to have been natural causes as stated.