Seen in Personal Demon, is a relative is Armen Haig. He is currently in the captivity of the Cortez Cabal, for studying his shape-shifting abilities.

Personal DemonEdit

We first meet Jaz after Benico Cortez sends Hope Adams to infiltrate a Miami gang of supernaturals. The gang is esstentially a rebel group against the Cortez Cabal.

Jaz, along with his brother Sonny end up murdering all the original members of the group, as well as two of Lucas Cortez's half brothers in an attempt to assume Lucas's identity and take over the cabal.

During Personal Demon Jaz becomes obsessed with Hope Adams.

After his brothers death, who was killed by Karl Marsten after they had kidnapped Hope, Jaz was captured by the cabal. Instead of killing, as everyone had wanted, Benicio had instead kept him as a captive so they could study him.

Spell BoundEdit

In Spell Bound we see Jaz again, who is still locked up and being held by the Cortez Cabal. Hope goes into his cell to speak with him, after she had had visions that included him and after Savannah had learned that a new group had planned to break him out and use him.

Jaz told Hope that one of the Cortez scientists was a traitor, but did not share a name. He also kissed Hope a few times, and had threatened to kill her unborn child. After which Hope kicked his leg and then wrapped her scarf around his neck in an attempt to kill him. He survived, however. Yet is still contained.


  • Shape-shifting - Jaz has the ability to make himself look like almost anyone. However, they must be close to both his height and weight.

Known FamilyEdit

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