Jorge Sorrentino was a Werewolf and member of the North American Werewolf Pack until his death. Jorge was the grandson of the Alpha, Dominic Sorrentino, and the son of Gregory Sorrentino, he had one elder brother who died in 1965 trying to avenge an attack on their father that had left him with brain damage. Jorge was born in 1951 or 1952. He lived on the Sorrentino estate with the rest of his family and cared for his father Gregory until Gregory's death in 1976. He is described as a quiet and solemn young man who took after his grandfather Dominic and uncle Antonio in looks, meaning he was likely very large with dark hair.

Savage Edit

In the novella Savage at the age of eighteen he is in attendance at the quarterly Pack meet where Clayton Danvers is introduced to the Pack and becomes an official member. He was caring for his father during the meal, hovering nearby to get his father whatever he might need. He agreed to Clay joining the Pack.

Ascension Edit

Jorge appears for the last time in the novella Ascension, a sequel to the previous novella. He was one of the participants in a Pack deer hunt. As he lived at the Sorrentino estate he is assumed to have attended Dominic's last Pack meet as Alpha and was present at Dominic's wake where he voted for Jeremy for Alpha. He was running with the Pack when his cousin Nicholas Sorrentino was shot by Stephen Santos in 1982.

Trivia Edit

  • Jorge died at some point before 1989 when Elena Michaels joined the Pack.
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