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Karl Marsten
Full Name
Karl Marsten
Professional thief
Josef Marsten - Father ✝
Unnamed mother
Lucifer - Father-in-Law
Nita Adams - Mother-in-Law
Hope Adams - Wife
Nita Marsten - Daughter
First Appearance
Territorial (chronological)
Portrayed By
Pascal Langdale

Karl Marsten is the son of the late Josef Marsten. He was born a werewolf and brought up as a mutt, and followed in his father's footsteps and became a professional thief.

He was part of an uprising led by Daniel Santos to overthrow the North American Werewolf Pack, but switched sides and joined them instead. After the events of Chaotic, he begins dating Hope Adams and teaches her the basics of breaking and entering. After an on-again, off-again relationship, he proposes to her in the short story "Lucifer's Daughter." In Spell Bound, it is revealed that Hope is seven months pregnant with their daughter Nita. Three years later, he and Hope have a second child.


In No Humans Involved, Jaime describes Karl as looking "like Hollywood's version of [a jewel thief]." He stands at about six feet tall and has dark black hair, blue-gray eyes, a faint tan and sharp facial features. He is also described as having a powerful build and numerous scars which he is reluctant to show to others (excluding Hope).

When he is in wolf form, he takes the form of a large black wolf.


Karl is noted to be very sociable, and is often prone to making sarcastic remarks. In earlier books, he is described as a "fence-sitter" who played nice with the Pack but never formally joined them, and is considered dangerous and untrustworthy due to his charm. He also has self-esteem and confidence issues, but is nonetheless devoted to his girlfriend (and later wife) Hope Adams; at one point, he gives her a charm and later an engagement ring inscribed with No matter what, showing his dedication and love to her.

As a couple, Karl is described as a James Bond with his Bollywood star, Hope.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a hereditary werewolf, Karl possesses superhuman strength, endurance and reflexes, enhanced senses, an immunity to all diseases, and the ability to shift into his wolf form at will. He is skilled in sleight-of-hand, various securities, monetary acumen, transportation, fashion sense, and can speak several languages due to his long career as a jewel thief. He is also an excellent fighter, having spent years honing his fighting skills after the death of his father.

Otherworld Series[]


Karl is approached by Daniel Santos and agrees to help him take out the North American Werewolf Pack. Flashbacks reveal how his father was murdered by Malcolm Danvers when Karl was a teenager. It is also mentioned that he killed Raymond Santos in revenge for his involvement in Josef's death.


Karl is the only survivor of the mutt uprising, and is given Wyoming for territory as a reward for protecting Clay and helping kill the other mutts.


Karl meets Hope Adams, a half demon under the illusion that she is working on behalf of the Interracial Council. He shows her that she is actually working for a rogue cabal sorcerer named Tristan Robard, who is looking for personal revenge against Karl after he turned down a job offer. Hope and Karl also begin to date.


Karl is mentioned when Elena asks him to look over some burglary plans.

No Humans Involved[]

Towards the end of the novel, he helps with the final take down of the humans because they had kidnapped Hope.

Personal Demon[]

Due to mate and confidence issues, Karl is revealed to have told Hope to "date other men" after they first slept together several months prior, leading Hope to misunderstand and be angry with him. After Karl kills Sonny, Jaz asks Hope to kill him so that he could be with his brother and avoid being taken by the Cabal. Karl prevents her from following through and reconciles with her.

Living with the Dead[]

Hope and Karl go to L.A. to visit Hope's friend Robyn Peltier. They end up helping her with a murder investigation involving local clairvoyants. Karl refuses to bite Hope when she asks him to, and they later decide to take time away from each other with Karl taking a job in Australia.

Lucifer's Daughter[]

After a freed demon is thwarted at an Adams' Family sponsored museum event, Karl proposes to Hope, and they become engaged.


Karl is mother-hen to his pregnant and vision-exhausted wife, even within Cortez Cabal protection. He is shot in the head while trying to stop a religious cult from kidnapping Hope, but survives. While temporarily confined to a wheelchair, he stubbornly participates in the rescue mission and is briefly possessed by his father-in-law upon his daughter's birth.


Alongside his family, Karl is mentioned to be seeking shelter with the pack abroad.

Life After Theft[]

Karl has seemingly retired from thievery and works part-time designing security systems while being a stay-at-home dad to three-year-old Nita. After he is framed for a high-profile theft, he works with Hope to clear his name. It is also revealed that Hope is pregnant with their second child. At the end of the novella, Karl decides to semi-retire to spend more time with his family, only taking certain jobs for the right price.


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  • Karl was likely born around 1954, as he was sixteen years old at the time of Josef's death sometime in 1970.
  • In early drafts of Bitten, Karl would have died during the events of the book. However, Kelley Armstrong decided she could make more use of him and Scott Brandon was killed in his place, and Karl went on to become a recurring character for the rest of the series.[1]
  • According to Hope, Karl's fashion sense was what made her mother accept their marriage despite the age gap between them.