Karl Marsten was the son of the late Josef Marsten. Born a Werewolf and brought up as a Mutt. He has followed in his father's footsteps and became a professional thief. He was dating Hope Adams, though he proposed to her in the short story "Lucifer's Daughter" and who he has one daughter Nita Marsten with. He is featured heavily in Personal Demon and Living With The Dead. He taught Hope the basics of breaking and entering. He also recently joined the Pack, although not as a major member like Elena Michaels or Clayton Danvers.

Otherworld Series Edit

Territorial Edit

Karl is approached by Daniel Santos and agrees to help him take out the North American Werewolf Pack. Karl is remembering how Malcolm Danvers murdered his dad, when he was 16.

Bitten Edit

He is part of the uprising and is the only one to survive. He helped Elena kill the mutts by killing one and protecting Clay while Elena hunted down the last mutt. He got Wyoming for territory as a reward.

Chaotic Edit

Karl meets Hope Adams, a half demon under the illusion that she is working on behalf of the Interracial Council. Karl shows her that she is actually working for a cabal sorcerer, who has gone rogue.

Broken Edit

Karl is only mentioned a few times in this book, after Elena asks he look over some plans for them.

No Humans Involved Edit

Is seen towards the end of the novel, he helps with the final take down of the humans, because they had kidnapped Hope.

Personal Demon Edit

Karl and the Cabal found Hope and her two kidnappers. Sonny was killed by Karl, at which point Jaz asked Hope to kill him. So that he could be with his brother, and not be taken by the Cabal. However, the Cabal moved in too fast and Karl stopped Hope from killing Jaz.

Jaz was taken into Cabal custody, and vowed to come for Hope.

Living with the Dead Edit

Hope and Karl go to L.A. to see Hope's friend Robyn Peltier. They end up helping her with a murder investigation involving local clairvoyants. In one scene Hope is feeling an little bit insecure about herself after getting kidnapped, and asks Karl to bite her, which he refuses and later they decide to take time away from each other, Karl taking a job in Australia.