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Katherine "Kate" Natalya Danvers is the daughter of Clayton Danvers and Elena Michaels. She was born in 2004, along with her twin brother Logan Danvers. She was named for Paige Winterbourne's middle name Katherine and Elena's mother Natalya.

Twin sister to Logan, she is the first known female werewolf to be born from 2 werewolves, Clayton and Elena, who is the only known female werewolf to survive the change into a werewolf from being bitten. Both her and her brother have inherited the werewolf gene from BOTH parents. She is the only known hereditary female werewolf.

Wolf's Bane[]

Kate seems to be bullied a lot at school, after dumping her boyfriend Brandon she shuts down a little. She is pissed that Logan (her brother) doesn't ask her about it, and more so that he is still talking with Brandon.

She is still headstrong but is very kind and loves her family.