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Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author, primarily of fantasy works.

She has published sixteen fantasy novels thus far, set in the world of the Otherworld the Darkest Powers trilogy, and the Darkness Rising Trilogy, as well as two crime novels in 2007 and 2009. She has also written several serial novellas and short stories for the Otherworld series, some of which are available free from her website.


Married with three children, Kelley and her family live in rural Ontario. She was born in 1968, the oldest of four siblings in a "typical middle class family" in Ontario. After she graduated with a degree in psychology from The University of Western Ontario, Kelley Armstrong then switched to studying computer programming at Fanshawe College so she would have time to write.

Her first novel Bitten was sold in 1999, and it was released in 2001. Following her first success she has written a number of novels and a number of novellas in the world of the Otherworld series, and her first crime novel, Exit Strategy, was released July 2007.



Darkest Powers[]

The Darkest Powers trilogy

The Darkness Rising trilogy

The Darkest Powers short stories

Nadia Stafford Series[]

  • Exit Strategy (July 2007)
  • Made to be Broken (February 2009)

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