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Kogistune usually refers to the male offspring of the rune users and the Fox Maidens or Kitsune. A fox demon is a form of demidemon. They are shapeshifters who can transform into both humans and foxes, and are indiginous to Japan. Their main power is vision-casting, allowing them to be able to alter reality, or at least the perception of it.

According to legends, they are the demons of hearth and home, and they mated with males in order to raise families. The men they shared their blood with were of a dying race who had the ability to draw magic from runes. It made the race stronger and gave them new powers. In return the Fox Maidens asked for devotion.

The Fox Maidens shared their blood with the Kogitsune men and bore Kitsune daughters.

However, the Kogistune turned against the Fox Maidens. Using the powers they had gained, they infused them with their runes and used them to protect themselves from serving the Fox Maidens any further.

Refusing to produce anymore offspring for the maidens, many stopped producing offspring at all, allowing their race to die out. There were some, though, that chose to instead flee to foreign lands and reproduce with other races. Jeremy's mother and his grandmother were some of those who fled.

In Kitsunegari, Jeremy Danvers story that appeared in Men of the Otherworld, three Fox Maidens appeared hoping to mate with Jeremy, informing him that he is the last of the Kogitsune. Lying, he told them he had a son and they instead turned their attention to finding this false child of his.

When Jeremy drew runes in the air, and his girlfriend Jaime Vegas waved the rune tattooed on her ankle at the fox maidens, they disliked it and would back away.

Kogitsune means little fox in Japanese.

Known Kogitsune[]



  • Communicate in dreams
  • Sense Danger