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Kristof Nast is the former heir to the Nast Corporation. He has three children, two sons, Sean Nast and Bryce Nast (with his human wife Belinda, who he divorced before he met Eve), and a daughter, Savannah Levine (with Eve Levine). He died in an accident, that was the fault of Savannah (while she was trying to resurrect her mom). He is in love with Eve Levine, and they spend six months of the year together in the afterlife, where he works as a lawyer.

Physical Appearance[]

Kristof is 6'1", he has bright blue eyes, and blond hair, with broad shoulders.


Dime Store Magic[]

He fights a legal battle against Paige Winterbourne, for custody of his daughter Savannah, but dies in accident when Savannah wants to bring her dead mother alive again.


He helps Eve with her mission in the afterlife, where he is a lawyer. In the end, Eve agrees to being an angel only if she could see Kristof for six of the 12 months of of the year.

No Humans Involved[]

He comes to Jaime Vegas to help her when she is having trouble with the ghosts in the backyard.


  • Eve gave him the nickname "Kris".
  • He loves playing hockey.