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Liam was a man-eating werewolf mutt. He was a friend of Ramon Santos, as well as his partner. He had blonde hair, was tall and lean, and had a Texan accent. He was accidentally killed in The Reckoning by Derek Souza after he snaps his neck. Ramon says he is going to deliver Liam's body to The Pack, however, Ramon never goes to The Pack, leaving it unknown as to what happened to Liam's body. Elena mentions knowledge of Liam's death, so it is possible that Ramon simply dumped his corpse on their property and left, or he buried it somewhere and let people know of his death.



Elena mentions how Liam and Ramon take in foreign mutts, and frames them for man-eating. They had killed the last mutt they had with them, Yuli Exteberria, and sent his hand to The Pack. Elena warns Reese Williams that Liam and Ramon will do the same to him.

The Awakening[]

Liam is with Ramon when they first encounter Derek Souza and Chloe Saunders. Liam explains that Ramon had a run in with The Pack not terribly long ago as his had healing scar tissue on his side where he is missing a large chuck of flesh. When they attack, Derek throws him at Ramon that knocks them both down. Liam faces off with Derek after Ramon is knocked out, and manages to throw him against a slide, but Derek and Chloe manage to evade him temporarily. Liam catches up to them and begins fighting with Derek until he manages to pin the boy in a headlock. Chloe then stabs him in the back of the thigh with a pocket knife, allowing them to escape.

The Reckoning[]

They catch up with Chloe and Derek again, right after Derek completes his first Change. Derek and Ramon fight in their wolf forms while Liam stays human due to his leg injury and walks around the forest with a cane. He clashes with Chloe who raises some of the dead creatures in the forest to fight him while she bought time for Derek to Change. Derek enters the fray in human form and him and Liam begin to tumble on the ground when Derek accidentally snaps his neck while trying to get him off. It is revealed that they were hired by Russell to kill Derek and Chloe, though Liam was the one who dealt with Russell, leaving Ramon out of the loop. Ramon limps away with Liam's corpse on his shoulders, saying he is going to turn himself into the Pack and deliver Liam's body to them.


Liam's death is mentioned briefly when Elena is discussing Ramon. She is unsure of the specifics as to how he died.