Lily was a female bitten Werewolf mutt, who lived during the 19th Century in North America. She is described as being young, small, blonde, pretty and having green eye. She grew up in New Orleans where she attended church, she may have had or was able to convincingly fake a French accent. She was an actress by trade who stole to supplement her income, beginning at the age of 14 when she realised her developing body could be used to distract men.

Sometime prior to the events of the short story Bamboozled she joined Nathaniel Cooper's gang and became his mate. She also convinced Cooper, a Werewolf, to bite and turn her.

The gang was partially a front for supernatural bounty hunting carried out by Lily and her mate Nate.

Due to the time period she is assumed to be deceased, it is unknown whether she and Nate lived long enough to have children, and if they did, whether those children would be full blooded Werewolves like Katherine and Logan Danvers.

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