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Werewolves are divided into two distinct groups in North America and other territories: Pack Werewolves and non-Pack, commonly referred to as "mutts" by the North American Werewolf Pack. It's thought that while mutts are not organized in any way - and are usually loners - most actively avoid drawing the Pack's attention.

Non-Pack Werewolves; Mutts                                                                             []

  Abilities                                                                                    []

  • Wolf Form.
  • Enhanced strength- even in human form they are at least able to lift 1 ton. They can also leapt up to 20ft in the air. In Wolf form they are strong enough to kill a man by jumping on him, from the force alone, given a running start.
  • Innate wellness.
  • Animal Instincts.
  • Enhanced senses.
  • Slow aging.
  • Partial changes (rare among mutts)