Nathaniel 'Nate' Cooper was a Werewolf mutt who lived during the 19th Century in North America. Nate is described by his mate Lily as being six feet tall, well built, rough featured but not in a way that was displeasing to her. She also describes him showing clear Werewolf predatory and territorial behaviour. Along with his mate Lily he was the leader of a gang of thieves, unbeknown to the human members of the gang they did not just steal and run cons, Nate and Lily were also supernatural bounty hunters.

Among supernaturals Nate had a reputation for being heartless, even for a Werewolf. During the events of Bamboozled he played the part of Lily's uncle, hinting at a possible physical age difference between the two, to lure in a human named John Anderson who their true mark, a fire Half Demon, was working for.

At an unknown point prior to the events of Bamboozled he was convinced by his mate Lily to bite her to turn her into a Werewolf.

Due to the time period in which he is known to have lived, he is assumed to be deceased. It is unknown whether he and Lily lived long enough to have children, and if they did, whether those children would be full blooded Werewolves like Katherine and Logan Danvers.

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