Nathaniel Cooper's gang began operating at least two years prior to the events of the short story Bamboozled, set in 1877. How long they had been operating is unknown but it was long enough for Nate himself to have garnered a reputation although word had not spread about the true nature of his relationship with his mate Lily. The gang operated schemes throughout the west, including Dakota Territory during 1877. They are known to have been thieves as well as utilising the acting skills of Lily to run grifting cons on townspeople and individual targets. The majority of the gang were unaware of Nate and Lily's identities as supernaturals and their occupation as bounty hunters. Whether some of them were unaware or may have been supernaturals themselves is unknown as is the exact size of the gang.

They are known to have taken on new members and jobs from a man named Wilcox who may have betrayed or set them up

Known Members: Edit

  • Leader Nathaniel Cooper a Werewolf
  • Lily, Nate's mate and also a female Werewolf. Secondary leader
  • Emmett a human who was loyal to the gang, unaware of the truth and who also wasn't very bright
  • Levi, a human who was loyal to the gang, unaware of the truth and who also wasn't very bright

Former Members: Edit

  • William, a fire Half demon who infiltrated the gang to sabotage their targeting of fellow fire Half Demon Theodore Stewart. Killed by Nate.

Known Targets: Edit

  • John Anderson, Dakota Territory, 1877. A human believed to have killed his wife after she objected to the attention he gave to local prostitutes, including bringing them into their home. Her death was made to look like an accident so Anderson could pursue another wife. Unaware that he was being tricked and targeted by the gang he attempted to seduce Lily to force a marriage, he was rendered unconscious and had his home ransacked by Emmett and Levi while the gang dealt with his half demon foreman.

Known Bounties: Edit

  • Theodore Stewart, Dakota Territory, 1877. current foreman of John Anderson, a fire Half Demon with a bounty on his head who was the former leader of a half demon gang. Killed by Lily.
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