He is Tyler Lake's brother and was murdered in Stolen. Before the events of Stolen Clayton Danvers had paid him a visit and disfigured his hand, something that Patrick is very resentful about. Subsequently, Patrick uses an opportunity set up by Xavier Reese and the humans at the compound (as an experiment) to attack Elena Michaels, who had her hands tied. Dispite her disadvantage, Elena transforms her hand into a paw to slide it out of the cuffs and attack a horrified Patrick.

Tyrone Winsloe decides that it would be fun to "hunt" a werewolf, and sets Patrick loose in the woods to transform. However, Ty and his men stumble upon Patrick before he fully changes, distracting him, and causing his body to become stuck between human and wolf form. In the end, Patrick is shot and killed in this form by one of Ty's men.

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