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Philip is a human in Toronto whom Elena Michaels meets sometime before Bitten. They begin dating, and eventually move in with each other. With him Elena struggles to have a normal and happy life in Toronto.

Bitten (Novel)[]

Unlike the T.V show he doesn't have a big role other than being Elena's boyfriend. She breaks up with him after realising a normal life with him isn't possible and she belongs to the pack.

Bitten (TV Series)[]


He and Elena were set up on a blind date by his sister Diane, who is also Elena's best friend. They quickly hit it off and Elena saw a chance to have a 'normal life' with him. When Jeremy calls Elena back home to track a killer mutt. Elena lies about a cousin's funeral to get away. Philip eventually gets suspicious and Elena admits that the Danvers family aren't her blood relatives, but they're her family. At first it appears Philip has had enough of Elena's lies, but instead he proposes that they disappear together and marry. Startled by this Elena leaves the apartment to seek the advice of Logan, and to warn him of what is to come. When she returns Daniel Santos and Clayton Danvers are engaged in a fight, and Victor Olson is about to kill an already wounded Philip. Elena is forced to change to protect him, breaking pack rule. Elena tells a stunned Philip that in a better world she would have married him. She then leaves him to go after Daniel Santos and Victor Olson who have kidnapped Clayton, and in leaving Philip save him from the wrath of the mutts.

Unfortunately, in the season 1 finale, In her Stone Haven bedroom Elena finds Philip's severed head in the bed.