Rebecca Walker is the ghost of a human woman who died in her home. She appears during the events of the Darkest Powers short story Facing Facts. Chloe Saunders describes her as being an elderly woman with white stringy hair, wearing a nightgown better suited to a 5 year old. She witnesses the accident that injuries Tori Enright as well as the ghost of Diane Enright luring Chloe away.

Rebecca claims that the developers of her home personally made the floorboards that Tori falls through weak, hoping there would be an accident that her son, who owns her home following her death, would be blamed for. It is unknown how she died but as she was elderly and died in her home it may have simply been natural causes. She is rather belligerent towards Chloe and insists that people should stay out of her home as her name is still on the deed. Her attachment to her own may be why she has chosen not to move on.

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