Ruçi, first name unknown, was an Albanian Werewolf mutt who appears in the novella Driven. He was part of the mercenary group who were hunting and killing Cain's. Before the events of Driven he had been tracked by the Pack after entering the country and travelling around suspiciously. He is described by Elena as looking in his mid-thirties. Blond hair, as well-built as the average werewolf, with that slightly smarmy demeanour that says he knows he’s an attractive guy. He claimed that the Ruçi family had worked with European Cabals for many generations and that it was a good relationship. He had a daughter who lives with her mother who he was fond of.

Ruçi was hired, along with other European supernatural mercenaries by the Necromancer father of an 18 year old girl who was kidnapped and held in a cabin, raped for days and then murdered and eaten by Cain's. The father of the Necromancer wanted to cover a wall in their hides. Ruçi was executed in wolf form by Malcolm Danvers at the order of Elena Michaels.

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