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Ruth Winterbourne
Full Name
Ruth Winterbourne
70s at time of death
First Appearance
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Portrayed By
Tammy Isbell

Ruth was the mother of Paige Winterbourne. She was the Leader of the North American Coven at the time of her death, as well as the witch delegate on the Interracial Council

Disillusioned with how the Coven was being managed and fearing for its future, Ruth used magic to become pregnant with Paige. As was the way in witch society, she posed as Paige's aunt to everyone outside her closer associates (such as the Coven). She raised Paige well and trained her to succeed her as Coven Leader. Being a gifted magic practitioner herself, she trained Paige in the use of her magic, though thought her daughter rather impetuous and discontent with the way of witches (that witches cast only defensive spells). She was a friend of Eve Levine and trusted her to babysit Paige when she was younger, before Eve left the Coven.

She and Paige planted a fake article claiming they had evidence of the existence of werewolves to draw in Elena Michaels. They planned to use her as a way in to the Pack and its Alpha, Jeremy Danvers, so as to warn them about a growing threat to supernaturals by Tyrone Winsloe and his associates, and hoping to recruit them in their struggle.

Ruth was captured along with Elena and held at the compound where she met Eve's daughter, Savannah. Ruth trained Savannah in the use of her power, nurturing her gift at a pivitol time in a young witch's life, and trusting Paige to be able to manage the magic she unlocked within the child. While teaching Savannah, she was murdered by the telekinetic half-demon, Leah O'Donnell

Paige avenged her mother's death in Dime Store Magic.

Bitten (TV Series)[]


In August 2014 it was announced that Tammy Isbell would portray Ruth Winterbourne, the coven's levelheaded leader and mother of Paige Winterbourne whose history is quite different from the books as she's only middle aged compared to being a old lady. She also had a another child before Paige and wasn't kidnapped by scientists. On that note she didn't meet Savannah that way and ended up taking her in. However towards the end of season 2 she's killed.