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St. Cloud Cabal are one of the Cabal families, and are known for being the cruelest. The St. Clouds are the second smallest, about half the size of the Cortez Cabal. The St. Cloud Cabal is presumably headquartered in Chicago since Lucas was stated to be in Chicago to defend a shaman.

They funded The Edison Group, but their reasons for doing so is unknown. Their current CEO is Lionel St. Cloud, and their current heir is unknown. Troy Morgan, when speaking of a fellow bodyguard who once worked for the St. Cloud's, claims that they run their cabal "military style."

The St. Clouds once made a proposal to force all vampires to emigrate from the country, and if they refused they would be captured and executed. The St. Cloud proposal failed, mostly due to Cassandra DuCharme attending the meeting. She cleverly apologized for making it difficult to condemn an entire race when one was sitting in the room.


A shaman was set up by the St. Cloud Cabal to take the fall for a corporate espionage scheme gone awry. A St. Cloud VP got wind of the Cortez Cabal's problem, prompting a call from Lionel. One of their necromancer's daughters, who was living with relatives after some family trouble, was attacked last Saturday, the night before Dana.

Known Members[]

Family Members[]

Known Employees[]

  • Griffin Sorenson - bodyguard (formerly)
  • Unnamed necromancer
  • Ms. Tucker - Lionel St. Cloud's personal assistant
  • Rick - Mr. St. Cloud's driver