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I had to get rid of the mutt.

Killing him would be easiest but, unfortunately, out of the question. If Elena found out, she'd be pissed. Ten years from now, I'd still be hearing about it: "Clay couldn't even get through our honeymoon without killing someone." She'd laugh when she said it . . . in ten years. Right now, she'd be furious.


Clay and Elena are on their honeymoon, while Jeremy and Jaime babysit their two-year-old twins. But Clay realises that a mutt is stalking Elena. He tries to get rid of him without alerting Elena, and ruining their honeymoon. Clay attacks him outside the restaurant Elena and him are eating at. he breaks his jaw, but the mutt (who reveals himself to be a Cain, whose father is Theo Cain) alerts humans to the fight, so Clay takes off and returns to the restaurant. But when Clay is taking a shower (to get the mutt smell off), Elena goes out to get water. Clay gets worried and goes after her. He finds Elena watching the mutt discreetly using the reflection of a store shop window. They decide to make a game of it, and let the mutt chase Elena. When they get him in a forest it turns out he has back up, Brian McKay. Clay takes care of Mckay, while Elena deals with Cain. They end up knocking him in the river, and guarding both sides, so he can't get out, exhausting him, and they leave him in the river. They plan a second honeymoon afterwards.


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