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Stonehave as seen in Bitten.

Stonehaven, the home of the Danvers family, is located in Bear Valley, New York. The manor house and landscaped grounds are protected by a gated fence, and sit inside a 500 acre forest. This gives the werewolves room to run freely, without having to worry (often) about intruders.

The house is built of stone with two stories above ground, and a full basement. One of the first rooms off the entry hall is the study, where you can usually find one or more pack members resting or working by the fireplace. They tend to usually eat in the sunroom, which is also where Jeremy occasionally paints and works on his art.

On the second floor is the bedrooms. Elena Michaels, Jeremy Danvers, and Clayton Danvers all have their own rooms. Elena's is pretty girly, and was decorated by Jeremy. Clay's room was also decorated by Jeremy, and is black and white. The twins currently use Malcolm's old bedroom which had been closed for many years after Malcolm left Stonehaven.

The basement has a secure room with a a cage to detain mutts for interrogation.

Current Residents[]

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