Theodore Stewart was a fire Half Demon, most likely an Igneus or Aduro, who lived during the 19th Century in North America. He is one of two main antagonists of the short story Bamboozled. Two years previous to the events of Bamboozled he was part of a gang of Half Demons who attacked a Kansas wagon which was full of settlers who were massacred, the women were also raped by the gang. This left him and the rest of his gang with bounties on their heads from an unknown source.

By 1877 he was the foreman of John Anderson, living in Dakota Territory. He is believed to have disbanded or left his gang but stayed in touch with them. He was aware that the Werewolf bounty hunter Nathaniel Cooper was coming for him, possibly tipped off by an associate of Cooper's, and had a fellow fire Half Demon infiltrate the gang. When they came for him he was ready and even had a buyer lined up who wanted Cooper alive as he was deemed valuable. He was aware of Cooper's reputation but was ultimately tricked by him, unaware that Cooper had turned his mate into a Werewolf. He was killed by Lily who snapped his neck.

Two of his former gang members named Bob and Jesse, also Half Demons of unknown types, assisted him in trying to take down Cooper.

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