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He was a mutt and was part of the uprising against the Pack, in Bitten. He was killed by Elena Michaels.

LeBlanc was a man-killer, or, in his case, a woman-killer. He enjoyed the hunt or torturing, raping, then slaughtering women, a group he chose as he no doubt believed they were inferior to him.

Once bitten and trained by Daniel Santos, an experienced and former Pack werewolf, he targeted Elena Michaels after she had snapped his wrist during a scenario in the Bear Valley Police Dept. whereupon Karl Marsten told the others in their group and had a good laugh at him. LeBlanc swore revenge against her, and tried to shoot her in an airport parking lot, where a woman he mistook for Elena was shot in the forehead by him.

When Elena surrenders herself to Daniel Santos in exchange for Clay's freedom, LeBlanc, not wanting the killing to end, swiftly slices Daniel's throat, leaving him to choke on his own blood. However, before he can try and kill Elena, the rest of the Pack arrive, forcing him to run but Elena manages to hunt him down and tear out his throat.