The Tynes are a family of hereditary Werewolves. Dating back to at least 1798 when they were members of the British Pack. Their eldest son John was imprisoned for murder and chose to be sent to the Australian penal colonies, breaking from the British Pack. At some point after an unknown Tynes, possibly the father William, founded the Australian Pack, becoming its first Alpha and bolstered their numbers by biting and turning other convicts. The Tynes led their Pack as a criminal enterprise, an enterprise which survives to this day with the Pack becoming known for its viciousness and violence even amongst their kind.

Known Tynes of the 19th Century Edit

  • William Tynes
  • John Tynes
  • James Tynes
  • Edward Tynes

By the 21st Century there are still members of the Tynes family known to be serving in the Australian pack.

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